Day ONE - Camp Laurel AIDSRide2 for the KIDS!!! San Diego to Santa Monica

Here we are at Pit Stop 1.UCSD..... April 17 and the Sun is Shinning!!!!

Johann Diel in the Red USC Jersey and me in the UCLA Jersey...


Here's me and Johann Diel at Pitstop 2... Now it's pouring Rain!!!! Cold & Windy Too!!!!

The Ride Organizers closed the ride at this point... Too UnSafe to Ride.......

Day One - Lunch Pit Stop in the RAIN (maybe Oceanside?)

The view from inside somebody's Jeep and still wet & shivering.......

Our Saturday overnight stay at the Irvine Spectrum Double Tree Hotel. Nice & Dry!

Day Two - April 18 - Sunny Again!!!

Pit Stop 1 - Someplace in Orange County (maybe Fountain Valley)

Now it's getting HOT!! Long Beach Pit Stop 2!!!!

End of the RIDE in Santa Monica.....Johann made this SPECIAL Jersey to give to one of the Camper Kids!

Closing Ceremonies in Santa Monica....with Camp Laurel Camper Kids & Families!!!

Funds raised from the Ride will give Kids with Aids or are HIV+ a chance to enjoy a normal CAMP Experience

like other Kids, without anybody bothering them because they have Aids. They need volunteer counselors too!