Aloha!!!! Mahalo!!!! Salamat!!!!

To all my AIDSRide 8 Supporters, Friends, Family, Lions,

& all My Special Donors..............



ME and my "good old" Bike and my buddies from Lions Hope Team - ME, Kern Marlow, Tom Logsdon, and Lion Roch Smith.


Well, I made it!!!!!! Last June 3rd to June 9th, 2001. I biked 585 miles from San Francisco to LA in 7 days.

It was a wonderful and hard experience......... This was to be my BIG DEAL to do for my 50th birthday year... but it turned out to be probably my biggest deal I've ever done (coming after getting married and becoming a dad to my girls). Some of you have already emailed to ask was it hard, was it worth it, am I hurting still, am I going to do it again...... the to all is YES, YES, NOT MUCH, and…………

I'll tell you later… I dedicated this ride to the memory of community activist, Uncle “Roy” Morales and the late Kayumanggi Lion Pres. Naomi Sasagawa Baughman. I know they were riding with me.

Aloha, Uncle Roy and Lion Naomi. Till we meet again.

I met wonderful people (whole families biking together), witnessed amazing courage (a biker with no legs who used his hands to pedal & riders who were deaf), folks who rode for lost partners, family, and friends (photos and signs and flags to remember them by), young people barely 18 (really probably under age) and seniors over 70 riding together and caring for each other on this fantastic journey of 2,799 riders and 600 support CREW members to benefit HIV / AIDS services. It was truly a week of “Kindness and Safety”. As many of you know, I rode as part of the LIONS CLUB HOPE TEAM. There were 4 of us, Lion Roch Smith, Kern Marlow, Tom Logsdon, and Myself. Together as a TEAM we raised almost $14,500 with credit going to the Lions Hope Foundation, Inc. – A Project of MD4. YOU are what made this AIDSRide a SUCCESS. Over $11.8 million was raised. WE all could not have done it without YOU!

Would I do it again ??? My wife, Rose, and I are planning to do AIDSRide 10 together in 2003. Anybody want to join us??? Everyone is welcome… The war against AIDS is not over. Start your training & fundraising EARLY, so you can really ENJOY the AIDSRide Journey with some pretty amazing people.

God Bless ALL OF YOU…

Again all my ALOHA to you all, Mahalo, Salamat & Thanks, eh!!!!!

Lion Florante "Peter" Ibanez - CAR8 Rider #6454

Team Lions Club Hope Foundation (Project of MD4)

See the Route we took:

541 E. 238 th Place – Carson , CA 90745 – (310)830-0950 //